Church entrance overhaul, from the ground up.

March 23, 2018



  Hurricane Harvey devastated the front of this church. The first thing we did was tear out the wind blown and half torn out shrubs, pulled all the weeds, dug out the buried landscape blocks and rotten landscape fabric, and regraded the slope to proper grade. We also noticed due to decades of improper maintenance practices, mulch and dirt had piled up under the church and the wood pier and beam foundation was making ground contact with the built up dirt. So we dug out by hand all this excess buildup to prevent termites and rot. 

After widening and establishing the new beds, the next phase was application of soil conditioners and amendments to improve microbial activity and provide a nutrient rich environment home for the new plants. These amendments include perlite, vermiculite, peat moss, Mycorrhiza and cotton burr compost followed by a top dressing of 160 day 100% slow release premium fertilizer with micro nutrients, iron and 3 forms of nitrogen. After creating the perfect environment, plants are selected and placed based on the sites sun/shade conditions and likeliness to be watered and maintained. The plants selected for this site are Flax Lilly, Sedge Grass, Dwarf Mondo Grass, Trailing Lavender Lantana and Giant White Cold Hardy Hibiscus. In the planter pots, 4 rose dwarf Lantanas are selected for their sharp contrasting color and minimal watering requirements. After the installation of plants, a 6 month weed prevention granule is applied that safely stops weeds from germinating in the new beds and keeps weed maintenance to a minimum and the final touch is an application of a premium pine bark mulch, that doesn't fade unnaturally and smells great too! With the combination of hardy plants, synthetic and nearly indestructible Benda-Board edging, and the perfect soil environment, this landscape is surely going to be enjoyed decades.





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