Store Front Landscaping Overhaul

November 11, 2017

The landscaping at this storefront in Port Lavaca, Texas had been neglected over time with weeds and unkempt appearance. 

The manager approached us to create an appealing landscape that coordinated with the design of the marketing in front of the store. We approached this project by choosing plants, materials and soils designed for low maintenance and the right conditions for vibrant flowering plants. First the existing stone and weeds had to be removed. There were about two inches of solid white stone that had to be removed from the planter bed. We replaced that space with a custom blend of sand, compost, and soil conditioners that brings out the full potential of the plants and their appearance.





After blending the soils by hand and placement of the flowers, we applied a two inch layer of premium pine bark mulch to insulate the soil and improve moisture retention while supplementing the plants with long lasting nutrients.

At the edge of the landscape bed were eight planter boxes. The white stone was removed and our custom blend of soils added in it's place. For ease of maintenance, dwarf mondo grass was planted to add a vibrant dose of green against the white brick and finish off the neat appearance.  















In this particular installation project the manager of the store was unavailable to inspect the progress of the landscaping. To remedy this, our service included a YouTube video that is sent via text to the client to allow him to instantly inspect the finished product. This personal touch gives our clients peace of mind knowing their task is quality to completion.

 But Wait! There's More!

Not only do we install landscapes, we also maintain them too! After installation of this particular flower bed, our company will return to this bed and perform routine flower bed care. This services includes a 9 point checklist performed by our landscaping technicians to make sure the flower beds maintain a weed free, disease free, and well kept and neatly trimmed appearance to protect your valuable investment.


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