Deck Restoration

February 17, 2017

After several years, this homeowner's 1400 sq ft deck was completed. Because it was built in several phases over several years, some of the wood had UV sun damaged fibers next to new looking pressure treated wood.


Note the weathered and grayed appearance of the older wood.


This next part shows the effects of mistletoe falling onto the deck and being crushed into the wood grain. The vegetation on the wood provides an excellent food source for mold and mildew.


When applying a new stain this can cause inconsistencies in the look and texture and the thriving mold and mildew can cause poor ahesion of the new sealer/stain. 

Our plan to rejuvenate this deck and prepare it for staining is 3 steps. First, apply a chemical in small sections that dissolves the UV damaged wood fibers. Second, by applying gentle pressure (enough to sting bare skin but not cause injury) to clean off the damaged wood fiber "gunk" we can reveal the good undamaged wood underneath. Last, we apply a chemical to neutralize the caustic effects of the first chemical and leave the wood with a bright shine. The results can be dramatic and also kills any vegetation, molds, mildew, or anything else making a home on your deck.




After drying, the tone of the wood settles and leaves a neutral tone finish that is clean of mold, mildew, plant vegitation, and is ready for stsining.



A seperate contractor applied the stain/sealer to the deck and here is the finished product! 


To maintain a deck that has been stained and sealed is much more affordable than trying to restore a deck that has been neglected for years. We simply soft wash the deck the same as we would with the siding on a home. This washes away all the dirt and harmful things growing on the deck quickly, safely and affordably.

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