Landscape rejuvenation in Seadrift, Tx

January 13, 2017

We were contacted by this client to clean up the landscaping in the front of his home. The existing ornamental plants had not been trimmed back for years and taken over and turned the front of the house into a jungle. 



We trimmed back all the plants, pulled out all the weeds, and dug out all the excess decayed mulch and decayed landscape fabric. After the cleanup, we rebuilt the existing edoing and added pre-emergent granules to give lasting results. Our preferred mulch, decorative bark nuggets, lastly was installed about 3" deep throughout the landscaped area to provide lasting nutrients, retain moisture, insulate the ground from freezing, and finish the project with a clean look. We prefer to not install landscaping fabric on many of our landscape rejuvenation projects because we have found that the fabric is only useful in certain landscaped areas. Routine application of pre-emergent and propper mulch once the beds have been cleaned out has proven to be a low maintenace and effective. 



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