It's more than just mowing a lawn

January 12, 2017

By using the proper mowing technique in combination with years of experience, premium fertilizers, weed control materials, and smart use of irrigation systems, our clients can enjoy the benefits of a full service "Turn Key" lawn that is beautiful year-to-year.

It's more than just a man and lawn mower to have a perfect lawn. The right lawn mower with the right height settings for the right time of year and the right type of grass is only the beginning. Add a sprinkler or irrigation system and you have to water in the right frequency and the right quantity. Watering too much can promote growth of harmful fungus and disease however watering too little can leave the lawn dry and damaged which allow certain pests to take advantage of the weakened grass. 


When you buy a bag of fertilizer off the shelf of your local box store you are saying your lawn, grass, climate, soil pH balance and conditions are the same as every lawn in the country. We know this isn't true. Every where in the world the soil conditions are different and  your plant food should be the same way, different, and custom designed for where you live. You can't buy this kind of customization and premium quality from a big box store.


With the right mowing technique and watering and fertilization, there is still one pest that has to be handled with determination and expertise, weeds. Weeds are a real problem and spread uncontrolled by any measure other than direct attack. Our weed control programs are put together by years of experience and determination to give our clients a lawn than can be beautiful all year.


Through continuing education, networking, experience and ongoing technician training, we will continue to advance in a direction that provides the highest quality lawns with the premium service our clients expect.

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