• Spring and Fall Cleanups

    • Let us bring new life back into your flower beds. Just like spring cleaning of the home, spring cleaning of the flower beds is essential to maintain a beautiful lawn and landscape. Our experienced team has the knowledge and tools to make quick work of any landscape cleanup.​

  • Mulching

    • Cheaper mulch that is found at community dumps or landfills and dumps can be riddled with termites and other insects that can be harmful to your home and cheaper bagged mulches that many landscapers use are dyed with ink that fades in a few month. We only use mulch that is guaranteed to be free of termites, insects and other pests and our preferred mulch is dye-free and doesn't fade like the stuff you get from big box stores.

  • Bend-a-board Edging

    • The premium landscape edging for homeowners and professionals. This synthetic edging material doesn't rot, chip, or rust and stakes firmly into the ground to provide a edge that lasts a lifetime. It also comes in 4" and 6" widths. Manufacturer website:

  • Plant and Tree Fertilization

  • Routine Weed Control and Maintenance Plans Available

    • The contractor will clean up ALREADY WELL MAINTAINED flower beds and gardens immediately surrounding the lawn area and may include light weeding or pruning. This does not include adding materials (dirt, compost, plants, etc.), nor does it include any landscaping projects. If your flower beds and gardens require additional work, the contractor will provide you with an estimate before proceeding.

  • Sod and Seed Installation

    • The affordable way to a new and healthy lawn is seed, the fastest way is sod, and we can provide both. For sod installation, we can provide Floratam Saint Augustine grass and Celebration Bermudagrass and for seed installation we can provide a common Bermudagrass blend or Princess 77 Bermudagrass Hybrid.  Contact us for more details and pricing.

Serving Seadrift, The Sanctuary, 

Port O'Connor, Port Lavaca, Austwell, and Tivoli

Spring and Fall Cleanups
Mulching Services
Flower Bed Care
Premium Benda-Board Edging
Plant and Tree Fertilization
Sod and Seed Installation


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